The sanding step is a very important phase during the manufacturing process. It's important to know raw materials, parameters of application, tools employed and features of machinery in order to choose the right abrasive product for meeting the customer request.

We know that we are highly qualified in this field thanks to the experience made during these years and our constant research in our laboratories. We invest our resources and energy in new applications in the abrasive sector extending our range of materials in order to create innovative products.

Thanks to the tests made and the continuous comparison with our partners, our competence is still growing, granting our partners new solutions during the finishing process of any kind of surface.

Structure features

Non woven material

Non woven material is composed of nylon fibres impregnated with aluminium oxide and silicon carbide abrasive grains, through the gluing action of synthetic resins.
Non woven components have been studied in order to get a range of producs for solvig any kind of problem during sanding process.Non woven material means high sharp power, longlasting performance, automation, spare of time and more profits. Thanks to its three-dimensional struture, non woven material is used for removing microdeburrs, for sanding and finishing wooden profiles, steel and metals like brass and copper satin finishing bronze polishing and PCB cleaning MDF and wooden panels, finishing on marble and hard stones, ceramics, leather etc.

Aluminium Oxide

It's composed of tough crystals, very resistant and high performance. It's less aggressive than Silicon Carbide But more longlasting in performance. Suitable for high speed working. Thanks to its open structure it can be used both in metal and wood industry.

Silicon Carbide

It's composed of irregular vitreous crystals with very sharp corners. It's hard and fragile, it splits during working creating new sharp corners. It removes big quantity of particles with low obstruction problems. Due to its structure Silicon carbide is employed where the unit stress is low mainly on ceramic and painted wood treatment.


Wood and paint: sanding - finishing - brushing

Nord Est Abrasivi offers a wide range of abrasive wheels for sanding raw and painted wood. Since many years our Company manufactures bonded abrasives: our sanding whels are easy to shape and grant an uniform and homogeneous finishing. Our products are designed by our technologists and tested in cooperation with a friendly partnership belonging to different sectors: wooden mouldings, furniture's profiles, baseboards, doors and windows profiles, wooden panels mirror mouldings, mdf, veneer.

Metal: polishing - satining - deburring - cleaning

Nord ESt Abrasivi offers a wide range of abrasive products for satining and finishing metals. Our abrasives grant safety conditions and high quality performance, even in high precision finishing. The application fields are:, metal handles and sinks market, tubes, furniture and clothing accessories, metal appliances, stainless steel coils and sheets.

Ceramic: sanding, polishing, deburring

Nord ESt Abrasivi offers a wide range of poducts for sanding ceramic, marble and granite. Our non woven flap wheels are used for surface finishing of ceramic tiles, in order to obtain an unifom surface, for bordering and glossing process.

No woven sanding wheels with core

Our sanding wheels are used on handling machines fo deburring, polishing, satining ordinary steels. They are composed of non oven flaps glued around a bakelite core. Several densities and grits available in our stock. Aluminium Oxide and Silico Carbide are our main raw materials. We manufacture entire rolls cut into several thickness. Our sanding wheels are employed both in flat and shaped surfaces. Sanding machines have several speeds and rotary directions. Big brushes are used on metal coils and big panels, they are carefully balanced in order to avois any vibration and shots. For your orders please, specify dimension, grit and density.


Dimensions are consiered in millimeters:
Ø External Diameter X Thickness X Ø Hole (es. ø200x0050x076)

Product type - Grits

Non woven sandig wheels are used in different types and grits.
Please, find below our grits range:

Density of wheels

Density changes depending on the number of flaps glued around the core. Number of flaps can change depending on the non woven material.